Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Thanksgiving at Grandview 2009
Kiley meeting her Nana for the first time!
Our beautiful daughter is a little over 4 months old and changing everyday. Since my last post a lot has happened ( or at least its a lot to me). Usually to drive back home it takes us over 12 hours.... but this being our trip with the baby it took a lot longer. We had to spend the night somewhere in Waynesboro but we made it back to Hampton right on time for the Thanksgiving celebration with the family. This was the first time most of Todd's family got to meet Kiley. She was so good and let everybody hold her for a while. We had such a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the time back home.

4 month Pediatrician visit

Kiley had her 4 month wellness checkup which included another round of vaccines. This time Todd wasn't able to join me so I gathered up my friend Amy and made her go with me for support. Kiley was having fun playing on the doctors table and playing with the roll of paper that pulls over it. She was 23.5 in, 39cm head, 12.2lbs. That puts her somewhere between the 25-50% for growth, although she could have been more specific. I wanted to wait on starting solids seeing as all that a baby needs is breast milk for the first year. But after talking to the pediatrician she explained that the 4-6 month age is the best window to begin because there have been studies linking diabetes to starting too early or too late. So I have begun trying to feed her rice cereal with a spoon. I don't think she's ready because she usually pushes it right back out at me but we will forge ahead. I am looking forward to trying my new baby food maker from my Aunties so we can build her palette to like yummy veggies and fruits :).
Nativity scene at The Opryland

Our first family Christmas!

We decided to stay here in Clarksville and have our first family Christmas this year. It was probably a good choice given that Virginia was hit with that huge winter storm and from what we heard the traffic was really bad. Making that trip would have been so hard with Kiley. So we entertained ourselves around town and made some day trips to Nashville. We went to ICE, an indoor display of huge ice sculptures of figures from Charlie Browns Christmas. It was amazing...and cold....about 6 degrees inside. We toured the Gaylord Opryland Hotel which had amazing Christmas displays and one of the largest nativity scenes in America. We ate at the Aquarium restaurant and Kiley loved watching all the sharks and stingrays swim around. That was a great day. On Christmas Eve Todd read us The Night Before Christmas which I videotaped so I can play it to her next year. Kiley had a great Christmas full of new clothes, books, and toys. It was especially important since next year we won't get to spend the holidays with Todd. He got his orders and is headed to Afghanistan in June. Kiley will be 10 months old when he goes, and 22 months when he returns :(. So we will be savoring every moment from now until its time to go!
On another note, my dear friend Kirby gave birth to her baby girl early this morning. Reagan is a beautiful, healthy, 8lb 8oz baby! I'm so excited for her and her husband and am excited for Kiley and Reagan to spend the next few years together!

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