Monday, November 16, 2009

The Makings of an Angel

Kiley getting ready for bathtime
Kiley and Todd at Jane Wayne Day
Happy Halloween!
Tomorrow Kiley will be 3 months old! Everyone keeps telling me the time flies and to cherish every moment, which is so true. I'm so glad that I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home with her everyday. We spend our days practicing tummy time, reading, laughing, and going on walks. She has so much personality already for her age. Those of you who have met her know what I'm talking about. Her expressions are hilarious. The only time she is ever upset is after shots or if she is hungry or her tummy hurts. And when her tummy hurts all she wants is to be held which is so sweet.
For Halloween Kiley was a ladybug, we found her costume at the PX for $2.47 Halloween morning. She sat outside with us and helped greet the kids and wish them Happy Halloween. There were so many kids I had to make an emergency run for more candy.
She also spent a little time in the YMCA nursery for the first time while Mommy tried out the spin class there. Happy to announce that all the baby weight was gone when Kiley was 10 weeks old (which sadly doesn't mean you go back to looking exactly like you did before...ugh). So the gym membership this Christmas is going to be key. Kiley loves going in the jogging stroller for runs, she falls fast asleep the whole time. I love to work out and get her involved by holding her while doing lunges and squats.
The best part about parenthood is reliving our own childhoods again with her. Storytime is fun for all of us. We're looking forward to family vacations and Disneyworld and maybe the Disney cruise one day! Todd plays rocketship with Kiley by doing a NASA countdown and launching her into orbit around the living room and through the kitchen. Houston we have no problems here :).

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