Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life at Home

baby Kiley at 3 weeks
Kiley is 3 weeks old this week and doing well. Adjusting to life at home with her has been fairly easy to which we are thankful. At her 2-week wellness checkup she had gained 12 ounces over her birth weight to total 7 lbs and 2oz and was an inch and a half taller at 20.5 in. The pediatrician also told me I could stop waking her for night time nursing sessions and only feed her if she woke up on her own during those hours. This was great to hear because I'm getting a lot more sleep since Kiley sleeps for about 6 hour stretches at night. She has been such a good baby and we're even starting to get some smiles out of her already. She makes the cutest faces that I could watch all day.
Kiley has had lots of visitors of friends and family. She got to meet her Grandpa Weaver this past weekend and will meet the rest of her family at Thanksgiving. While she is growing I have been recovering and am also doing much better. I have my energy back and have gotten back into working out so I can lose the baby weight. I only have about 8 lbs to lose until I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight...but could stand to lose a little more than that I think :). Thanks to everyone with their well wishes and congratulatory messages!

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