Thursday, July 16, 2009

35 weeks

                                                   35 weeks
Just a quick update.  Today I am 35 weeks and 2 days.  I had a doctor appointment this afternoon and everything is still moving right along.  It took the doctor a while to find Kiley's heartbeat because she has dropped and her head is really low now.  I'm not dilated yet but am definitely feeling like she is making it known that it won't be too much longer now.  He is guessing that she will be in the 7lb range at birth so I'm at least relieved that I won't be delivering a big big baby.  At least now I'll be going for weekly doctor visits from here on out instead of twice a month.  I've also only gained 1 pound since my last appointment but he said that some women just don't put on much weight, its all baby.  He still couldn't offer me any advice for the back pain so at this point I feel like labor won't even bother me if I can get the back pain to go away!  

Since she has dropped I seem to visit the ladies room every 20 minutes and have to get up at least 5 times a night (which is no easy feat anymore).  I'm having lots of braxton hicks contractions and round ligament pain but thats all normal and my body is just getting ready for the big day.  Being pregnant has become much less easy as all the simplest tasks have become everyday challenges.  My idea of exercise these days is getting in and out of cars...I feel like an old lady.  Do I complain a lot or what?  I just can't wait to hold her in my arms.

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