Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Settling In

                                                       23 weeks, my new bedroom
We are now settled into our new house and working on all the little details that come with moving in the Army.  Things that have been slightly problematic would include: our neighborhood is so new that there are no cable hookups yet so I'm using the next ten minutes to write this while stealing someone else's wireless connection.  We're waiting on our living room furniture to arrive so we're spending a lot of time on the floor.  The dog already managed to chew through the sensor wires to the garage door but luckily the repair guy blamed it on field mice.  We don't have a trash service yet so we drive to the construction dumpsters at night.  All in all things are coming along though and all these kinks will work themselves out soon.  The house is beautiful and we are almost done decorating and unpacking.  The grass out back is starting to grow and we should be able to get our fence up sometime in the next 2 weeks.  That will be great for the dogs who are tired of being cooped up inside all day. 

Todd has a great position at Ft. Campbell but will be working some long hours for a while.  He is shadowing a platoon leader for Delta co., a specialty heavy weapons co. getting ready to take over the position in June.  He gets up at 4:30am everyday and then I see him again at 7:30pm for dinner.  

As far as pregnancy updates today I am 23 weeks.  According to the websites little Kiley (who I have already nicknamed kicking Kiki...poor kid isn't even born yet and I've nicknamed her) is a little over a pound this week.  She has been very active and I've started to be able to see her kick from the outside.  I have a doctors appointment lined up soon and I'm really looking forward to civilian care.  I should be getting another ultrasound to better track this condition and whether or not its getting better.  I'm very excited to see how she's developed since 17 weeks.  

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