Monday, April 6, 2009

Clarksville, We Have Arrived!

                                                     21 weeks, more than half way there!
    This morning is Tuesday April 7th and we have now been in Clarksville, TN since Saturday night.  One of Todd's friends has graciously let us crash at his place while we work out the nitty gritty details of getting into the new house.  What a good friend to let Todd, his pregnant wife, and our two unruly mutts invade his house.  So these past couple of days have been spent exploring the area and hunting for the things we'll need once we move in.  I can't wait to get into the house and make it our own for the next three years.  
    This morning marks my 21st week of pregnancy.  I finally found a scale at the gym and I've gained 14 pounds since before I was pregnant.  I should gain a pound a week until the baby is born.  Kiley is about 10.5 inches long this week and weighing three quarters of a pound.  Its amazing how many things change in your body that I would never have thought would be effected.  I've found that I get a small nosebleed almost everyday now and my skin is getting dry and sometimes irritated.  In our search for couches recently I've discovered that I can no longer fit between spaces I could before.  Walking is starting to feel a little like waddling and putting shoes on has become a chore.  The best part is sitting quietly and waiting until she kicks.  So far Kiley is the phantom kicker though because every time Todd tries to feel her kick she won't do it.      In some of my other posts I mentioned my less than enthusiastic reaction to the medical care I've been receiving so I was happy to hear that our hospital is not accepting new patients so I'll get a civilian doctor to work with this time.  I'm looking forward to a better experience.  So far I'm loving Ft. Campbell and Clarksville.  The area is really pretty and our house is 5 minutes from post.  Hope to update you next week maybe and we'll be more settled here.  

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