Monday, March 2, 2009

Todd Passes Ranger School!!!

I have never been prouder than I am now of my husband for passing Ranger School! Only twenty percent of Ranger students pass without recycling and my husband is in this small group.  I heard from him last night and he sounded so happy to be done.  He said that Florida phase had been so much better than the other phases.  The weather had been much nicer, only raining once for a few minutes.  On the first day of FL phase Todd was platoon leader for one of their night exercises and he did very well.  Being a platoon leader for a night mission is more difficult because you have to keep all the other students awake when an hour or two of sleep a night is all they get.  He described one of the things they did like crossing the swamp and you'd be ankle deep in one step and neck deep the next step.... the ACU's are pretty much unwashable after that so I'm glad he threw that one away :).  He'll be on his way back to Ft. Benning tomorrow and I will probably get to see him Wednesday for a few hours, Thursday for eight hours, and then Friday is Ranger graduation!!!

16 weeks belly shot
Today I am 16 weeks.  This week the baby is 4.5 inches long and weighs 2.8 ounces, about the size of an avocado.    This morning I had my appointment with my doctor and everything seems fine.  I had a screening to test for downs syndrome and we talked about my back pain.  Sadly there isn't much I can do for it.  I got to listen to the baby's heartbeat through the doppler and can't wait to see whether its a girl or a boy this time next week.

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