Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

Today was very exciting, today we found out we'll be having a baby girl!  I had to drink 40 oz. of water before the ultrasound which made focusing on what I was seeing just a tiny bit harder because I was also mapping out my quickest route to the lady's room as soon as I could get up.  The technician took all kinds of measurements, most of which I don't know yet since the radiologist has to review everything.  Finding out it was a girl was a little difficult since she was sitting with her legs crossed with her body facing my spine.  Watching her move was amazing.  We saw her wave, suck her thumb, yawn, kick me in my already full bladder, and do lots of flips.  She weighs 8 oz. and is measuring at 17 weeks and 3 days which is on track since I'm 17 weeks today.  

This week has been pretty exciting, Friday my parents and Todd's mom came down to see Todd graduate Ranger School which was really fun.  There were some demonstrations on combatives, mountaineering skills, explosives, etc.  Todd worked really hard to get through Ranger School and as soon as he had his Ranger tab pinned on it was all worth it.  In his class about 30% passed without recycling so we're all really proud of him for being part of that small group.

Todd's been clearing Ft. Benning and within the next week or so we should be moved out.  We'll be back in Williamsburg for two weeks and then headed to Ft. campbell to start the next chapter of our lives.  I'm really excited to start picking out pink stuff for the baby girl now! Hope we figure out a name soon.  

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