Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

12 weeks belly shot
12 week ultrasound

Most of this past week I've been visiting back home and just returned yesterday afternoon. I rode along with a friend about 10 hours back to Williamsburg, Va to see my family and get away from the emptiness of the apartment. I got to visit with my good friend Alicia from work and my other good friend Nina and her wonderful girls. I can only hope I can have as cute a family as hers. Holding her little baby was good practice for me :). My best friend Katie Lady came down to visit and we went out shopping and had mani-pedis which was great...except that she had all the shopping karma that day :). It was really great seeing both my parents and Todd's parents and being able to update them on his progress.
I've gotten two letters from Todd in the last week which I was really glad to see. He's now in the Mountain phase of Ranger School and he seems to be doing really well so far. They are in Dahlonega, Ga in an area that he describes as something like summer camp with little buildings and a lake and that its self sufficient. Part of their training is being altered due to the fact that a mountain that they call Yona is frozen over. The lucky thing is that he gets to sleep in barracks and gets 3 meals a day. They are being tested on a wide range of mountaineering skills which he is doing well at. Next week they start 10 days of patrols which I don't know much about but it seems to be what is making him the most nervous although I know he will do great.
Today I am 12 weeks pregnant. The baby bump is starting to show a little now. I just went in to see the doctor, who sadly I am not too confident in, but everything seems to be going just fine. I wish Todd could have been with me to see the ultrasound because it was just amazing. I could see the little baby bouncing around in there and its little legs kicking furiously. The baby is about 2.5 inches long this week and its skeleton is developing and its about the size of a plum. I wish I had gotten a better picture because the one he gave me looks very distorted and nothing like what I was seeing because the little one just wouldn't hold still. My next visit will be in a month for more tests and then at 18 weeks I'll get to find out the gender. Hopefully Todd will have graduated Ranger School and we'll find out together :)

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  1. Anonymous2/04/2009

    emma! i love your blog. you're looking beautiful. thanks for sharing the pictures and the stories about todd. that a-1 sauce story is incredible! i'm glad it sounds like he's a bit more comfortable in this current phase. glad you got to have some pampering and friend time back home. stay in touch! we love you. kristina