Sunday, February 15, 2009

Florida or Bust

                                                      14 weeks belly shot
       Night before last I got the call I've been waiting for for the past 3 weeks.  Todd has passed Mountains Phase and when I talked to him he was headed to the Atlanta airport so they could jump into Florida.  The weather wasn't ideal for the jump so I'm not sure if they did get to jump.  Either way he filled me in on what the last couple of weeks have been like for them.  I had mentioned before that they got to sleep in barracks but these past 10 days they've been  on patrols sleeping in the woods and the temperature on top of the mountain was in the single digits.  Todd said he's only gotten about 35-45 minutes of sleep for the last couple of nights and he sounded pretty tired on the phone.  He's such a strong person I feel pretty confident he'll get through Florida without any problems.  That would mean he would graduate R.S. March 6th and we would go look for houses in Clarksville TN and move there 10 days after that.  We are so looking forward to getting a house and starting a new chapter of our lives getting ready for baby and making new friends at Ft. Campbell.
       As far as pregnancy updates go I wish I had more to share than I do.  I am 13 weeks and 5 days today and officially in maternity jeans now.  Tuesday I will be in my second trimester although some experts say 13 weeks begins the second trimester.  At 14 weeks the baby is about the size of an average fist and by the end of the week will be 4.5 inches from crown to rump.  I sadly do not get to experience the pregnancy "glow"... it's more like being a teenager all over again.  Another interesting thing I've noticed is how loud my own heartbeat is now.  I can be lying down and all I hear and feel is this loud thumping which makes sense since my heart is pumping more blood for me and baby.  I also have had what feels like a compressed nerve in my lower back which I've been told is normal since the body produces more relaxin to open the hips which can cause that sensation.  
      After some exhausting phone calls between my doctor, radiology department,doctor again, tricare, Columbus Diagnostic Center, and back to the doctor again I finally have an ultrasound scheduled for March 10th.  Todd will hopefully have graduated R.S. and we can find out the baby's gender together just a few days before we move to Ft. Campbell.   These past 6 weeks without him have been tough and I can't wait to see him in another 3 weeks.  


  1. I am so excited for you! If you have your baby on Aug 18th, that's Cassandra's Birthday as well. By the way we just found out that her baby is a girl. I am painting the bedroom with 2 monkeys and vines and flowers. She is considering the name Isabella Grace. I can't wait to find out the sex of your baby as well. Also, I know you like elephants, so if you look in the JC Penney baby catalog they have bedding sets for boys or girls with really cute elephant outlines on them.|62644|63849

    Talk to you soon!

  2. I know I can't wait either I'm so excited to find out. That bedding is adorable. I like that name I'm still working on mine...guess its a mute point until I know if its a boy or girl :)