Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cocoa Beach Mini-Vacay

                                                                       Cocoa Beach 
Well this last phase of Ranger School is moving quickly, at least for me, I'm sure poor Todd is exhausted and counting the hours at this point.  From his letters it looks like he's having a better time than the other two phases.  He said the cadre are nicer, the weather has been better, and the chow hall is pretty good.   He's been doing some waterborne operations in the swamps such as crossing a river with a rope bridge.  They should be done in the field by the 28th if all goes well so i might get a phone call Saturday or Sunday letting me know if he's passed the phase.  Cross your fingers.

                                                               The Baby goes to the Beach
This past Wednesday the only other Army wife, Amy, whose husband is hanging in there right alongside of Todd, and I decided to get out of columbus for a few days and head down to Cocoa Beach FL where Todd's parents have a condo.  On very short notice we packed our bags, rounded up the dogs, and headed south.  The drive was a little rainy.... and I got a ticket for speeding from a mean little cop ( I swear I thought it was 60mph how would I know I'm not from his podunk town) but we got there later that night.  We had a ton of fun checking out the area, laying out at the beach, doing some beach workouts, and generally laughing our butts off.  On the last whole day there we discovered a great little spa which I thought looked questionable from the outside but Amy was right it was really nice inside.  So that was a good opportunity for me to really try to work out some of the lower back pain that is pretty much inevitable with pregnancy.  While the massage was great... the pain remains.  The drive back was really nice and it made going back to Columbus something I really didn't want to do.  

But having been away for a few days made the week go by faster so at this point I'm really anxious to see Todd.  I sent him a few letters and a care package for the end of the phase where they are allowed to eat whatever they want for their free 8hrs.  I also sent him a picture of what the baby bump looked like at 14 weeks so he wouldn't be shocked when he sees me.  

                                                   15 week belly shot
Today I'm 15 weeks and the belly is getting bigger.  This week the baby is about the size of a softball, 4 inches long and weighing 1.75 ounces. I can feel some stretching and my appetite is still strong.  Most days it feels like I can't ever feel full after eating.  I thought at one point while I was laying on the beach that I might have felt a small kick.  I had to dig a hole in the sand so my belly wouldn't be crushed.  And then yesterday while drying my hair, again while bending over so both times my tummy was facing the ground.  But from what I've read I shouldn't be able to feel kicks until next week or a little later.   Keep you posted :)

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